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What is Server Hosting?

Server hosting refers to offsite management and upkeep of hardware resources that are designated for a company’s use. By enlisting the help of a server-hosting service, businesses remove the financial and operational needs for keeping server resources onsite.

A server-hosting service should have some of the following qualities to be valuable to a business. Support services are important. The offsite nature of the server host requires that a business should look for server-hosting providers that deliver 24/7 free phone support with customer service personnel who understand what the business needs and picks up the phone when the business requires.

The server-hosting provider should offer scalability. For example, while a business may be shopping for a hosting service for their current needs, they should consider partnering with a service that can scale and grow, as their company gets bigger.

The server-hosting provider should offer backup and accessibility. The business should make sure that the web-hosting service provides adequate backup, and that they do not make it difficult to make changes to the business website. The server hosts that a business chooses should give access, for example, to the server so that new email accounts can be created and changes to server settings can be made.

How can Essential Data Services help?

Essential Data Services puts all of your applications, programs, files and data on the cloud, and takes responsibility for all of your information technology (IT) needs.

We configure all of the software to work on the cloud (during set-up, and along the way).  We provide administration and client support. We check for viruses, and if an application is not working, we fix it. We do backups, and we upgrade software when an upgrade is needed and available.  We continue to consult with you, our customer.

We focus on providing comprehensive service with the aim of making your business successful, rather than only on selling a product.

Therefore, Essential Data Services uses state-of-the-art IBM software to manage their cloud services, to ensure access to applications and data are available to customers 24x7x365, and to provide a cloud platform with endless possibilities. We have the technology to “cloud” a client’s entire network of applications, databases, files, and programs. We can help you and your business. Read our company’s bi-weekly blog, or find out more at

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