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Top Five Reasons to Use Cloud Computing for your Business

Cloud computing, and cloud storage, has many benefits for your business. The top five reasons to use cloud computing prove that cloud services are a simple choice for many businesses.

1) Cloud computing allows you to access files, data, and programs from anywhere in the world at anytime

Geographic location and time zones become obsolete. You can work anywhere in the world, and at any time of day. Your files, application, data and programs travel with you, and become accessible from any device. A smartphone, a laptop, or a desktop can receive and transmit information with the power of the cloud.

2) Cloud computing is easy to use

Cloud computing requires a computing device, Internet access, and a login/password combination. Once set up, with the assistance of the company’s cloud vendor, it is extremely easy and efficient to operate and to use. Cloud computing streamlines processes and reduces training needs to make it straightforward to run your business.

3) Cloud computing is cost-effective

Traditional desktop software can cost companies a lot of money in terms of the company’s overall budget. These costs could include computer and software repairs, upgrades, licenses, and more. Many of these costs can become ongoing with annual or monthly payments.Cloud computing allows for one-time-payments, pay-as-you-go, or other customizable options. These choices reduce overall costs and improve flexibility of services.

4) Cloud computing is secure

Storing information directly onto your device – for example, a desktop or a laptop – presents the risk that information could be damaged, lost, or stolen. If your laptop is stolen with all of your company information on it, this situation presents a large risk to the security of that information. If your desktop is sitting in your office, and a fire breaks out, this situation too presents a company with many difficulties. Storing in the cloud, and offsite, means that your information is always secure. Your information is always retrievable.

5) Cloud computing provides hosted online backup services and cloud storage

Online backup, and cloud storage, is important.  Your information, documents, files, and programs are backed up to the cloud and saved or synchronized for use on several devices. The main purpose of online backup and cloud storage, however, is to prevent the loss of data and information, and to improve access and flexibility.

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