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Is Your Business Cloud Ready?

Small-, medium-, and large-scale businesses can benefit from moving toward cloud services. But, businesses can face challenges when determining if they are cloud ready to proceed. What are some ofthe key factors to consider for a cloud-ready business?What makes businesses sure that today is the right time to move forward?

While reliable systems are key, some of the areas to look at when deciding if a business is cloud ready are company culture, cost of cloud computing, and network and computing infrastructure.

Company Culture:
The business will need to identify if they have a company culture that is open to technological adaptation. Cloud computing requires a rapid pace of change. The business must ask if they can handle and prepare for technological transformations. Will it require extensive training and relearning for employees? Will it cause potential turnover in staffing? Do the advantages currently outweigh the disadvantages? The business might need to modernize many processes and systems before a cloud computing solution can be developed and maintained. However, if the goal is to move toward a cloud computing solution, the business can work with a cloud vendor to determine appropriate next steps.

Cost of Cloud Computing:
Some businesses plan for the costs of technology changes roughly every 3-5 years. Some businesses are slower to adapt to technology change. Many cloud computing vendors offer pay-as-you-go options, whichimprovesthe ability to make smooth technological advancements. Technology changes are easier to make with pay-as-you-go options.

Network and Computing Infrastructure:
Businesses that use cloud services need good Internet access, and up-to-date computing infrastructures. Smartphones, laptops, and other mobile devices will be required. If a business only uses desktop PCs, they will miss out on most of the flexibility that cloud computing provides.

Some additional questions to ask when considering cloud computing for a business include the following, but are not limited to these choices:

• Has your technology budget become unmanageable?
• Is your IT support staff overworked?
• Do you struggle to adapt to new trends?
• Are you spending too much time dealing with IT issues?
• Are your digital assets vulnerable?

Therefore, a strong relationship between information technology (IT) and other business units and a skill for understanding new technologies to fit business needs are critical in order to make the best move towards cloud computing.Lowering costs and adapting to rapid implementations are also top advantages to help determine if your business is cloud ready.

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