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Is Cloud Computing a Good Solution for Small Businesses?

Small businesses pride themselves on providing personal services, and experiences, to their customers. Many small businesses are able to keep technological requirements down to simple and basic needs because of smaller staffing and budgets. So, how does a business manage the security and protection of their information? And, how does a small business promote and utilize online and off-site access for employees?

Cloud computing is a good solution for small businesses. But, small businesses must ask themselves many of the questions that follow to better know their next steps:
1. Does the business find it difficult to budget for technology purchases?
2. Is the business struggling to manage individual computers and network infrastructure?
3. Is it difficult for the business to keep up with current trends such as mobility, or implement changes to infrastructure?
4. Does the business wish for more time to focus on its growth and development?
5. Does the business need to protect its digital assets?
The benefits of cloud computing for small businesses are endless and easy to understand. Cloud computing is cost effective, and reduces hardware, software, maintenance, and management costs. Cloud computing offers convenience, and more efficient use of a limited information technology (IT) staff. And, cloud computing is simple to use and leads to increased employee productivity.
In fact, a newer small business ismore likely to start off with a cloud model thanwith traditional on-premises computing and data storage. This choice is often made because cloud hosting, and online backup services, requires far less expenditure, and provides rapid deployment of everything from servers to applications. In addition, cloud computing is less dependent on the need for on-site IT staffing, which makes cloud-hosted services attractive. As more small businesses realize the benefits of low-cost, highly available cloud services, existing businesses with in-house IT systems will need to adapt to remain competitive. And, staying competitive can already be a difficult challengefor a small business when the business doesn’t have access to technical experts and to the same level of finances afforded to a larger business. Cloud computing now makes this goal a viable possibility. A good cloud computing vendor (i.e. Essential Data)deals with the technical issues, which saves businesses a great deal of money and time to focus on other areas to gain competitive advantage. Cloud computing saves businesses time and money by boosting productivity, improving collaboration and promoting innovation.

Essential Data Services uses state-of-the-art IBM software to manage their cloud services, to ensure access to applications and data are available to customers 24x7x365, and toprovide a cloud platform with endless possibilities. We have the technology to “cloud” a client’s entire network of applications, databases, files, and programs. We can help you and your business. Read our company’s bi-weekly blog, or find out more at

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